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Online slots are now the heart and soul of web casinos around the world. This might be a surprising fact for most gamblers, but very few gaming sites couldn’t exist without these fun, simple, and intensely entertaining games. The remarkable popularity and ease of use of online slots — in combination with bonuses, free spins, and special welcome packages that offer players an incredible value proposition from day 1– make for one fantastic opportunity to charm new members who look for stunning graphics; phenomenal sound effects; intricate scenarios; or just want something different than what they can find at their neighbourhood casino!

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Online Slots Guide: How We Review Online Slots

The world of online slots is massive, and new games are launched every week… So much so that it’s increasingly difficult to make a selection and decide what games are worth a try. Is there really such a thing as a “bad” game? Essentially, yes, although casinos are filled with all sorts of slot machines – some of them developed by lacklustre and lazy game studios – our goal here isn’t to analyze the entire industry but rather to share the qualities we study to establish a list of premium quality slots.


Casino operators and game developers have their lethal weapon to hook slot machine players: a permanent catalogue of anti-routine news. Winnings alone are no longer enough for online gamblers, especially for younger generations. You need sexier and slicker slots that pull the player in and allow him to enjoy an immersive experience. To boost the attractiveness of their slots, casino game studios spend considerable amounts of time and money on developing concepts that will appeal to generations of gamblers who are used to a constant stream of innovation. Although an import feature, the innovative aspect of any slot isn’t the first thing that players look for, one could wage that the rapid developments in online capacities and the growth of increasingly powerful devices will allow for the birth of groundbreaking online slots to take place. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality combined with 5G will pave the way to levels of casino gaming yet to be experienced in the world of casinos.

Fun Factor

Fun should always be your number one priority when playing casino games. Certainly, money and the potential to earn staggering sums or even jaw-dropping jackpots is part of the deal. But it should be viewed as a “possibility” and not the ultimate aim of the game. This is why top slot studios such as Microgaming and Net Ent hire teams of talented and innovative game creators to design slots that appeal to the senses and are entertaining and sometimes require a bit of intelligence and the ability to strategize.


Creativity is an important factor in term slot quality and increasingly appears as a factor for online gamers when choosing which slot to play. With today’s technology and fast internet connections, slot creators try to outperform each other to deliver games that are fun and innovative but also beautiful.


A slot’s success is usually measurable by its longevity. Titles that we see appear in the most popular lists of online casinos comprise such names. They often answer to a series of criteria: great user experience, attractive design, good bonus features, fun gameplay, and an uncanny way to appear personable… In other words, online slots that age well have character. Often, we can just tell what games are equipped for a long ride. This is the case with Immortal Romance, Jurassic Park, and Mega Moolah. At times, game providers realize that a game is on a roll but needs a bit of a redesign and thus release an updated game. This was the case with the much-loved Slot Father Part 2 by Betsoft. As you’ve probably guessed, a second version is always a dead giveaway in terms of longevity.

Variance x Volatility

The word “variance” is used more often in poker, but it is also sometimes heard in the world of slots. Volatility, on the contrary, is a term often found in the world of finance. In this industry, it’s a term employed as a statistical measure of the change in the price of a stock on the stock market. Basically, volatility and variance slot machine are essentially the same thing. Slot machines are all linked to a volatility index, which indicates how volatile the game is. Traditionally, this was not really information that game software developers liked to make public. But with the growing interest in online gambling and the ability to share information across the web, everyone is doing it nowadays. The volatility index is calculated by the sum of all possible combinations, winning or losing, which indicates the chances of winning and how much.


The term playability is often used to summarize the crucial aspects of a slot game. It refers to anything under the player’s control and explains the pleasure experienced while playing the game. From this simplified definition, several aspects of the gameplay can be clarified. The first, “gameplay,” refers to the range of actions offered to the player in the game interface. The greater is the number of options, the greater their combination can be. The playability of a game is not just about how you play the game itself but also about the overall feel, which has everything to do with the visual and musical qualities of the game. Today, slot sound effects, designed with care and attention to match onscreen graphics, are just as important as the overall experience.


The capability of the free online slots casinos is also a highly essential factor to consider. Free online slots casinos that have massive potential usually have more customers. This is because all players want a higher chance of winning slot games. So they will always choose online casinos with massive win potential over those with low win potentials. Slot games that have high wins are usually more volatile than those with low win potential. You need to check out the capability of the casino by considering its volatility and maximum win potential. You should check out how many slot games it features, which ones are free online slots, and which ones are not free. This will help you determine the quality and efficiency of the casino you want to play your games.

Why Play Free Slots Online

Playing free online slots might appear futile for some, as there isn’t any money involved… But rest assured, we do have some clever answers for you.

Playing online slots for free allows you to:

  • Test and experience a game. Therefore, you will be able to assess the various features of the slot and see if the graphics and sound effects are to your liking.
  • Test a casino. There’s more to playing games than the game itself. Casino speed and user experience are also important factors that could make or break the fun. Do games play fluidly? Are the slots easily accessible within the platform? Are there games other than slots that are free to try?
  • For pure stress-free enjoyment. Kick back and let fun be the only thing that matters. Playing free online casino games allows you to take it easy and enjoy a few hours of thrill-seeking.

Play Online Slots At The Most Reliable Online Casinos in Canada

There are several reliable online Canadian casinos you can play your favourite free slots. These casinos provide varieties of free slot games that you can choose from. However, not knowing these casinos can be a huge setback for you when choosing the online casino for your free slot games. But you do not have to worry much as here is a list of Canadian casinos that offer the best free slot games. Let’s check them out; review
Games available 1000+
Min. Deposit 25€
Games available 1000+
Min. Deposit 25€
Welcome offer
Up to $1000 +1000 Free Spins is a popular online casino that features varieties of slot games. It features both free slot games and other games you will find in most online casinos. If you love playing slot games, then casino is a sure bet for you. All you have to do is sign up to the casino for free online and become qualified to play your choice of slot games. The casino also offers free slots for players to play games for free. It allows you to play free slot games while standing a chance to win real cash. While playing free slot games on online casino, you should make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the casino.

Nitro Casino
Nitro Casino review
Games available 1000+
Min. Deposit 10$
Games available 1000+
Min. Deposit 10$
Welcome offer
Up to 5000$ on first deposit

This Canadian online casino features about 300 games for players to entertain and win themselves cash. These games include slot games that you can play with casino bonuses and win real cash. You stand a high chance of winning at the nitro casino due to the casino’s massive win potential. You also get to withdraw your earnings following the terms and conditions of the casino. Nitro casino is also a free casino that offers free slot games and other free online casino games. You also get to play progressive jackpot games with your free slots. It is one casino you want to visit.

JustSpin review
Games available 1500+
Min. Deposit 10$
Games available 1500+
Min. Deposit 10$
Welcome offer
100% up to $100 +600 Free Spins

JustSpin offers players a wide variety of slot games. It also allows users to play free slot games with their casino bonuses. The JustSpin casino slot also offers live casino games for players to play and entertain themselves. The casino has reliable game providers that ensure high security and quality of slot games. It also allows users to play free slots games under fair conditions and a gambling environment. You can also find the JustSpin slots games at different online casinos where users can play for free. It can come as a free online slot where you play with casino bonuses or come as other online slot machines where you stake with your cash. It is one of the free online slot games you should yearn for.

Nomini review
Games available 2000+
Min. Deposit 20$
Games available 2000+
Min. Deposit 20$
Welcome offer
100% up to $1000 +100 Free Spins

Nomini is one of the classic online slot machines invented about a century ago to suit players’ entertaining and gambling quests. It features free online slot games that you can play for free using your casino bonuses. Registering or signing up to the casino gives you access to many slot games to choose from for your fortune. Nomini casino slot has one of the best games you can play for free. You also get to play the slot games in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the procedures and operations before moving to the real mode, where you can win real cash.

True Flip
True Flip review
Games available 1500+
Min. Deposit 10$
Games available 1500+
Min. Deposit 10$
Welcome offer
Up to $1110 +75 Free Spins

One of the most popular casinos with slot games that you can play for free is True flip. Registration on the casino is quite straightforward as you only need to provide your basic personal data and email. Signing up on the casino gives you access to your casino bonuses, provided you comply with the terms and conditions of the casino. The slot machine features thousands of slot games, including free games that you can play with casino bonuses.

Vulkan Vegas
Vulkan Vegas review
Games available 2000+
Min. Deposit 15$
Games available 2000+
Min. Deposit 15$
Welcome offer
Up to $1000 +125 Free Spins

Vulkan Vegas is the right slot machine to visit when you are seeking to play free online slot games. The free casino slot machine provides free games for players. These free games can be played to win real cash without having to stake your cash. The free casino is a good choice for players that like playing free slots games.

How To Identify The Best Online Slots in Canada

There are several ways you can identify the best online casino slots in Canada. You only need to consider some factors that will help you choose the right casino slots games. Here are some of the factors;

1. Return to Player Rate (RTP)

This refers to the rate at which the online casino slots pay back money to the player in the long run. It comes in the form of a percentage of money wagered by the player. The best play slots usually have about 90 to 99% RTP.

2. Betting Features

You have to check out the betting features of the online play slots as they will determine how you play for real money, your chance to win real money, the slots game you get to play, and lots more. You should check out features like pay lines, automated betting, adjustable coin sizes, and others.

3. Bonuses and Multipliers

Some casino slot games tend to have multiple generous bonuses, which is why you have to check for yourself to choose the slots game with the most generous bonus. Play online slots games with generous bonuses and multipliers. Bonuses like extra spins, bonus spins, and the likes can increase your chance to win real money on casino slot games.

4. Splendid Visuals and Sounds

Visuals and sounds are features you should look out for when you want to play slots games. These features enhance gameplay and create a good gaming environment. Always look out for these features when you are ready to play online slot games.

5. Unique Theme/Storyline

Theme and storylines are essential when you are to play slots games on online gambling sites. You can allow the machine’s theme to immerse you into utmost gameplay by choosing the right games to play. And choosing the right games to play can be determined through the theme or storyline of the game.

Different Types of Canadian Online Slots

Classic Online Slots

The most classic of slot machines, this one has no video or even digital appeal. You simply push a button to turn the virtual crank to watch the reels spin and hopefully make some gains. It generally includes symbols known as “cherries,” “bananas,” or the number “7” symbol of the online jackpot.

Video Slots

Video slots are one of the most common casino games. It features highly attractive graphics and themes that create a good gaming environment. You will need to spin the reels when playing video slots until you have symbols matching in a pay line. Video slots are very easy to play, and you can also play for free with casino bonuses.

Jackpot Slots

Unlike video slots, jackpots slots are not mostly available for free play. Some casinos might not allow you to play for free as you will be required to stake real cash. It is also known as progressive jackpot slots as they are not fixed in progressive jackpot slots; when the player makes a bet, the jackpot size increases.

Megaways Slots

These slot games use Megaway’s random reel modifier mechanic for their gameplay. This slots casino game changes the number of symbols that appear on the reels of any given spin. This mechanism allows users to play games with ease and also increases the chance of winning.

Progressive Slots

If you want to play the best casino games or enjoy real money play, progressive slots are a good shot for that. When playing this slot, a portion of your placed bet goes towards increasing the maximum jackpot. You can also play for free with your casino bonuses, provided it goes in line with the casino’s terms and conditions.

Fruit Themed Slots

This video slot works on stacks of fruit symbols and multipliers rather than bonus features and free spins. It allows real money play, making it one of the best slots to play. Unlike progressive jackpots, the game is fixed right from the time you start playing. You can also play for free with your casino bonuses and earn bonus rounds.

3D Slots

They are a type of video slot that delivers 3D graphics. They give players an exquisite gameplay experience from the moment they start playing till the end of the game. Some players choose 3D slots over progressive jackpots due to their slight money-free advantage.

Finding The Best Free Online Slots

Selecting the best performing games on the online gaming market is not an easy task, given many titles available. This is why our experts follow a very specific list of criteria so that our selections are the most relevant. We deliver this list to you, so you know everything we look at in a slot machine.

Here are the factors you should consider:

  • The software developer of the title
  • The quality of the graphics
  • The level of the entertainment in the slot
  • The game’s jackpot
  • The technical features of the game.
terms and conditions

Know The Difference Between Low vs. High Volatile Slots

When playing an online slot machine, one of the things that will influence your winnings or losses will be the game’s volatility. Should we favour a volatile slot or not, and how to choose?

Understanding volatility

First and foremost, it is important to define volatility in the context of a slot. In this kind of casino game, volatility is the extent of variation in winnings. The more volatile a slot is, the less often players could enjoy prizes, BUT they also provide higher rewards, as this is where the big jackpots are won. Conversely, the less volatile a machine, the more regular but less important the gains will be. The principle of volatility is close to the concept of variance. Players who bet for the thrill of the game will often prefer volatile slots. Those who want to bet with a more regular return on investment will choose low volatilities. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the type of games you prefer according to your gaming priorities.

Low Volatile Slots

Low volatility slots allow you to play longer sessions without winning big, but without losing too much money either. Players keep enjoying small wins, which encourages them to keep playing. It is ideal for players who fulfill their contract with online casinos, welcome bonus wagering requirements, and other reload bonuses. Low volatility slots include Immortal Romance, Megadeth, Rage to Riches, and South Park.

High Volatile Slots

Slot machines with high volatility are the ones that provide the most adrenaline and excitement in online casino games. This type of volatility allows play to play dozens of times without winning anything. A word of advice: keep playing if a big win is your priority. What are great high volatility slot titles? To name a few, highly volatile slots include Gonzo’s Quest, Merlin’s Millions, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Mega Moolah, 300 Shields, and Dead or Alive.

Top Software Providers Reviewed

microgaming logo


Microgaming is the quintessential casino game provider. This British team is a true pioneer and has been at it since online gaming was a burgeoning industry. They’re responsible for some of the most well-known slots… Titles include Immortal Romance, Bride’s Maid, Break Da Bank Again, and the phenomenally popular Mega Moolah. Furthermore, Microgaming provides casinos software to manage the entire platform, thus offering a possible turnkey product.

netent logo


Symbolically playing second fiddle to Microgaming, Net Ent is certainly no slouch and is known as the “other” great casino game developer. Their slots possess a quirky side to them that makes them particularly endearing. Some of our favourites are Gonzo’s Quest, Dead or Alive, and Starburst.

aristocrat logo


The Australian casino gaming developer Aristocrat is mostly present in land-based casinos, but many online casinos also have their line of slot machines. Aristocrat began by developing classic slot machines like the famous Buffalo or Queen of the Nile with five reels and nine pay lines.

igt logo


IGT was originally specialized in creating software for land-based casino games. This studio eventually diversified to launch online slot machines. Popular IGT titles include Pacific Paradise, Golden Egypt, and Lucky Town.

evolution gaming logo

Evolution Gaming

As an online slot provider, Evolution Gaming is among the best. Indeed, it develops innovative titles and never ceases to surprise its players with their quality. Virtual casino operators have embraced Evolution Gaming games, thanks to the colourful graphics and unparalleled ambience this gaming studio offers.

playtech logo


Playtech’s fame in online gaming was their affinity to deal with superheroes, a trend they started with Marvel Comics. That deal has now evaporated since Disney purchased this comic studio and, wanting to protect the family-friendly image, didn’t renew the contract. To fill this gap, Playtech launched a series of hero-based games that have enjoyed a fair amount of success and recently signed with DC comics.

play'n go logo


Play N Go is a Swedish company that offers more than 100 casino games of all kinds (slots, table games, video poker, scratch cards, and video bingo) with a wide array of themes in the slots. Start exploring the prolific developer with Diamond Vortex, Riddle Reels, and Agent Destiny.

You Can Play Free Slots From Any Device!

Thanks to great technological leaps experienced during the last decade, free slots are now available on a wide range of devices. No need for the almighty desk computer, the mobile casinos are a great option. Slots and other casino games are playable on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones and via all platforms. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite online slots on the train or the bus as you make your way to work or school.

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